During their second year with Green Works, students prepare for post-secondary education and the workforce by taking part in our Accelerate program. Over the course of a school year students take skill and interest evaluations, research growing careers, prepare a resume, take part in job shadowing, and participate in money management training, and soft skill training. Guest speakers attend most classes and provide the students with new role models in the world of work. In addition, each student is paired with an adult mentor in their field of choice. Mentors attend several programs with the students and work directly with them on activities ranging from finalizing a resume and researching a bank, to running reality check software to determine the true cost of living on your own. 

The purpose of the Accelerate program is to expand our students’ understanding of the working world, help them acquire the soft skills they need to succeed, and help them map out a path to success, whether that involves a four-year degree, two-year degree or certification. After successfully completing the Accelerate program, students have the opportunity for a paid summer internship, aligned with their interests, skills and abilities. Their Accelerate mentors stay connected to the students throughout their internship. (Note – Accelerate was formerly called Green Future.)


“Green Works has definitely changed my view of the working world. I want to help my community and students like me learn to live more sustainably.” – Aeesha

“I was thoroughly impressed by the young people. Their level of engagement, insights and conversation were higher than most adult groups I deliver too. Seriously!” – Don Gallagher