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We surpassed our year-end matching goal!

Thanks to everyone who donated to Green Works at the end of the year and helped us surpass our year-end matching goal. A handful of funders agreed to match year-end contributions to Green Works in honor of our 10 year anniversary. Thanks to our supporters we were able to take full advantage of the matching opportunity! We’re looking forward to the New Year and the start of several new elective programs at our classroom space.

New Funders and New Programs

Green Works recently received funding from the Clif Bar Family Foundation to support our ECOS program. This is a great fit for a number of reasons including the fact that Clif Bars are our students’ favorite classroom snack!

We’ve also received funding from the H&R Block Foundation to support our financial literacy program, and our new digital literacy program and the Green Works Lab. These programs will take place over the winter and the upcoming summer break. 

We are honored to have the support of the H&R Block Foundation and the Clif Bar Family Foundation!

Green Living Class

On Saturday we hosted a Green Living class for 10 of our supporters. We had a lot of fun learning about the chemicals in conventional products, and how easy it is to make healthier alternatives. We whipped up batches of lotion, deodorant, hair spray and room freshener and at the same time raised funds to help pay for summer internships for Tenesha and Gabby. 

Stay tuned for more classes!