Green Living Class

On Saturday we hosted a Green Living class for 10 of our supporters. We had a lot of fun learning about the chemicals in conventional products, and how easy it is to make healthier alternatives. We whipped up batches of lotion, deodorant, hair spray and room freshener and at the same time raised funds to help pay for summer internships for Tenesha and Gabby. 

Stay tuned for more classes! 


Looking for an Assistant Instructor

Green Works is looking for an assistant for its first year ECOS environmental education program. This is a paid contractor position. 

Qualifications – an interest in environmental and sustainability issues; good organization and communication skills; ability to roll with and respond to the unexpected; agile with technology; and willing to help set up and cleanup projects and experiments as needed.

Hours: – Wednesdays, 2-5pm, January-May 2017, following the school calendar. Location – East High School, 1924 Van Brunt.

If interested contact Kate Corwin: Thank you! 

A Real-Life Water Lesson

water-relay-croppedThe first semester of our ECOS environmental education program is focused on water. Before we get into the science of water and water quality, we establish students’ understanding of water as a finite resource required by all living things and increasingly difficult to access by a growing world population. 

Interestingly, both Northeast and East high schools have diverse populations of African American, Latino, Asian and African nationals, many of whom are English language learners. The gift of such diversity is the lived experiences these students bring to our study of environmental issues. For example, a new immigrant from Zimbabwe described her and her sister’s experience walking miles to fetch water for their family of eight and getting routinely beaten at school for being tardy as a result. She lamented the effort of pumping and carrying the heavy loads, often four times a day. Sometimes they cried because their four brothers were wasteful with the water. 

She shared her story during an exercise in which students carried a gallon of water for one minute each simulating the reality of millions of females in water-poor countries. When it was her turn, another student intervened to carry the water, emphatically stating, “you shouldn’t do have to do this!” This exchange is at the heart of what we do: introduce students to complex issues and provide space for them to respond.

Green Works awarded $1500 from Shawnee Mission East Junior Board!

lancerLast winter Mary and Kate met with Shawnee Mission East students who were researching Green Works for a program called Junior Board. In the spring we were in attendance at the high school when four different groups of students gave presentations on their chosen nonprofit. The students presenting on Green Works won second price! And that resulted in a $1500 cash gift we received last week during a Shawnee Mission East pep rally. Thanks so much to our student team – Iman, Natalie, Hazel, Jacob, Juliana and Owen. We appreciate your interest and your support of Green Works!