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Quotes from our students:

“One person can change things.  I believe that now.  Really!  I didn’t think that before this year, but now I know it’s true because we’ve made a difference in class.”

“I used to litter every day, not even thinking about it, just throwing things on the ground.  Now I never litter.  And I try to talk to my friends about their behaviors.”

“The ECOS program made me feel like I was part of the environmental movement.  I do recycling at home now and I have helped others recycle.  I enjoy working with like-minded environmental people and want to continue that.”

“Now that I’ve gone through the ECOS program I feel that I have an obligation to the community to help the environment.”

“I don’t litter anymore and I recycle – I am passionate about recycling!  And I have stopped using hairspray after learning about air pollution.”

“I feel like a different person because of all the experiences we’ve had in ECOS.  I feel more mature and I act more mature.”

“I never knew anyone who was into the environment before this program.  Now I know there are a lot of people like me working to make things better.”

“Everything I learn I tell my grandma.  We talk about what goes down the storm drains like refrigerant and how hazardous waste is handled where she works.”

“I really enjoyed planting the rain garden.  That was the first real planting I’ve done.”