Each year as we plan for a new Excelerate class, we identify connections to our own community that will strength our program and its curriculum. One very important area we align with is KC Rising’s Common Sector Competencies.

In Excelerate, students begin the program by identifying career paths they are interested in. As we further discuss career options with the students, we review our regional job outlook and the skills employers seek.

Because the competencies provide us with a clear set of skills, mindsets and knowledge that students need order to compete for jobs, it is a win-win to have our curriculum informed by the Common Sector Competencies.

Due to the various levels of competencies and their complexities, Excelerate aligns with the Fundamental Core which includes customer focus, results, collaborate, trust, plan and align, read for information, basic math, among others.

As we measure Excelerate student outcomes at the end of the program, we also measure the Fundamental Core competencies aligned with the curriculum.

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