Thirteen years ago Green Works was founded, and Diane Patrick became a volunteer, donor, and supporter. High on Diane’s commitments are environmental awareness education and workforce development and she has an extensive background in executive management. Green Works’ mission aligns exactly with both her experiences and interests. “I felt my background was helpful toward students’ development. For example, in providing feedback on student draft resumes, I affirmed clear language and asked questions to strengthen other areas,” said Diane.

A highlight for Diane this spring was taking part in mock interviews with students as they prepare for their summer internships. Diane said she appreciated hearing their perspectives based on unique life stories and achievements. “Now with social distancing it is especially important for the students to know they have mentors in the community here to support them.”

During the pandemic Diane wrote to a student she interviewed in a mock interview, which she said was rewarding because she had established a personal connection through the interview process. Diane also created a Mentor Minute video sharing tips on teamwork.

“It is so heartening to see how students generously give back to their communities and families and set goals for their future career and advancement, all while overcoming challenges,” she said. 

We are grateful for Diane’s warm-hearted and cheerful presence in-person or virtual!