We teach our students about resiliency and grit and we practice what we teach. Our programs are designed for low teacher-to-student ratios, lots of hands-on activities and one-on-one instruction with mentors. But with COVID-19 all that changed. To continue to support our students and their families, we have:

  • Transitioned Excelerate, our workforce leadership program, to Zoom sessions. And our instructor is offering additional 1:1 sessions with students.
  • Engaged volunteers reviewing resumes, writing notes of encouragement and filming mentor minute videos for our Zoom class.
  • Re-imagined how we can offer summer work experiences for students.
  • Connected families in need to board members who are providing groceries.
  • Shared nature-based activities with our families and on social media.

Because of your support, we remain a crucial lifeline for our students at this challenging time. Thanks for going through this with us!